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Seven Areas Of Learning

The government has outlined 7 areas of learning; we look at what our children can do, their interests and what they enjoy and we build on this with careful planning.

"The children play a dynamic role in their learning and offer their own ideas and respond to challenge with enthusiasm" Ofsted 2011

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional

    Children to have a positive self image, to share and take turns, to understand how they and others are feeling and to develop friendships
  2. Communication and Language

    To communicate with others and listen and understand others.
  3. Physical Development

    Involves gross motor skills during P.E. and outdoor activities, fine motor skills used in cutting, threading etc. Being involved in their self care and understanding the importance of exercise and healthy eating.
  4. Mathematics

    This includes counting, shape, space, numbers and quantity.
  5. Expressive Arts and Design

    This includes imagination, painting, modelling, drawing, design technology, music and role-play.
  6. Understanding of the World

    For our children to look at the world and people around them and to explore, investigate and use technology. Asking question and being curious.
  7. Literacy

    Involves engaging our children with books, mark making and simple phonics which will help to develop skills required to read and write.